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Every year 100,000’s of tonnes of waste is illegally dumped around the UK. Aside from the massive cost to the tax payer to have this cleared up, it is a massive environmental problem polluting our environment and causing hazard to health.

The law states that it is your responsibility as the waste producer to ensure the company collecting your waste is registered as a licenced Waste Carrier and that the waste is taken to a site licenced to take it. If you ignore this responsibility and use a company that is not properly licenced and your waste ends up where it shouldn’t, you could receive a fine of up to £5,000.

Illegal Waste Dumping, UK

Lunnon Waste hold the appropriate Waste Carriers and Management Licences, operate in-house Waste Transfer facilities licensed by the Environment Agency and are fully insured with £10,000,000 public liability insurance cover.

When using our services you can be sure of the following

  • That we are fully licenced
  • The waste you produce is taken away by a fully licenced company
  • The waste you produce is taken to a fully licenced site
  • Your waste will not be illegally dumped or burned
  • The Duty of Care and Waste Regulations will be complied with
  • Best practice will be followed to ensure your waste is treated, processed, recycled and re-used where possible to minimise Environmental impact
  • Our fleet of collection vehicles are compliant with the London Emission regulations

What is waste crime?

Waste crime is the deliberate breaking of the law by people who don’t manage, transport and dispose of waste correctly.


Illegal Chemical Dump

Not dealing with waste legally can:

  • Cause serious damage to the environment, for example illegal waste operations pollute land and rivers.
  • Pose risks to human health, for example illegal burning produces toxic fumes.
  • Create problems for local communities, such as noise and nuisance for those who live nearby, and declining property prices.
  • Be bad for business, as illegal operators undercut legitimate waste companies.

During 2011-2012 The Environment Agency

  • closed 759 illegal waste sites – 89 of these were brought within regulation and the rest closed
  • dealt with 262 incidents of serious illegal dumping – 24 per cent of which involved construction and demolition waste
  • set up our illegal waste site taskforce to help close more sites more quickly and understand why they operate illegally
  • worked with a range of partners to develop better intelligence and stop more waste crime
  • took 335 prosecutions for illegal waste activity – 15 of which were for illegal waste exports (during calendar year 2011).

Everyone has a part to play to stop waste crime.

Read our waste crime report for 2011-2012 and find out about:

  • the problem and extent of waste crime
  • how we’re tackling waste crime and the progress we are making
  • our priorities for the coming year and some of the specific challenges we’re looking to address

How you can help us.

As a special feature in this first report we also highlight one of the best tools we have to make sure serious crime doesn’t pay, the Proceeds of Crime Act. In 2011, the highest confiscation order secured for waste crimes was over £800,000.